SD Rotary Slips

Ramey Martin “SDML” and “SDXL” Slips are made of alloy steel and heat-treated for strength and wear-resistance.  They are machined for use in API standard bowls.  We have designed our slip to operate without load rings and still maintain 100% insert support, eliminating the need for beveled inserts.  Complete inspections can be performed without the worry of load ring bolts breaking or seizing after use.  The use of roll pin retainers and larger knock out holes beneath the hinge pins saves time during disassembly.  All Ramey Martin “SD” Slips are load rated and have an API taper of 4″ per foot (TPF) on the diameter.  For added safety, Ramey Martin “SDML” and “SDXL” Slips are provided with safety flex handles as a standard option.  Steel handles for available upon request.

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