Handling Tools

Oilfield pipe handling is a tough and dangerous task needing the right tools to ensure safety and efficiency. Ramey Martin offers a wide variety of high-quality pipe handling tools, including tongs, elevators, pipe spinners, slip inserts, and power tongs, catering to different types of pipe and oilfield applications. Contact us today for more information.

We take pride in delivering durable and reliable tools tailored to drilling or well completion. Our range of parts and accessories ensures your tools stay in top condition, saving you time and money on maintenance.

If you’re looking for specific tools not found in the product catalog, our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution.

  • Bowls and Bushings

    Bowls and Bushings (13)

  • Elevators

    Elevators (29)

    Elevators are a key component in the drilling industry.  They are used to raise and lower the drill pipe in and out of drilling hole by latching around the top of the drill string pipe joints.  See below for RMET's full line of elevators.
  • Pipe Tools

    Pipe Tools (118)

  • Safety Clamps

    Safety Clamps (43)

    Safety Clamps help safeguard against dropping strings of flush joint tubing, drill collars, or non-shouldered tubulars into wellbores.  They provide dozens of money and time-saving applications in addition to increased protection against fishing jobs. Depending on the size of your tubulars, Ramey Martin offers the Type "T", "C", and "MP" safety clamp to ensure a perfect fit for your application.  Manufactured in accordance with API 7K specifications, our safety clamp design prevents its use as a hoisting device.
  • SLD

    SLD (5)

  • Slips

    Slips (64)

    Ramey Martin Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, Casing, and Tubing Slips are used when adding or removing joints from the drill string.  Our slips designed to meet or exceed API standards and proudly made in the USA.
  • Stabbing Guides

    Stabbing Guides (77)

    Stabbing guides help workers align two sections of tubing, drill pipe, or casing for male-to-female connections.   They help guide the pin to the box threads while preventing face damage and connection failure.  Ramey Martin manufactures three different styles to fit your application.
    • Standard
    • Heavy Duty
    • Casing
    All three types provide the same protection and function in the same way.  RMET standard guides include an oil resistant rubber insert.  However, the heavy duty and casing guides include polyurethane inserts.  Polyurethane insert material is low-maintenance and very durable compared to the rubber inserts. Ramey Martin maintains a large inventory of stabbing guides for your standard size tubulars.  Items in stock ship the same day.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  When ordering, please specify tubular type and tool joint or coupling OD size.
  • Tongs

    Tongs (5)