Hand Sanitizer

Keeping surfaces and hands sanitized is something that has become more important to everyone lately. Before the pandemic, it was mostly hospitals and people with sensitive health issues who would sanitize their hands.  Seeing a need for more accessible sanitizers, especially on drilling rigs and production platforms, Ramey Martin has introduced the FAST Hand Sanitizer

To sanitize something means to have it free of bacteria, viruses and fungi. All of these are microscopic things that make people sick.

Here are some quick definitions:


Fungus – Things like athlete’s foot, mushrooms, yeasts and molds.

Bacteria – Microorganisms in general. Some of the first lifeforms to exist on earth. Bacteria is a living thing. You know that stuff they put in Activia yogurt to help balance the gut biomes of people? That’s bacteria, but the good kind. There are also harmful bacteria, like salmonella.

Virus – A particle that isn’t quite living, but almost. There might be some disagreement on whether a virus is a living thing or not. A virus is much smaller than bacteria. In fact, viruses can even infect bacteria and fungus.

Since COVID-19 is a virus, it is very small, about 30-50 nm. The virus has evolved over thousands of years to stick to the skin of humans. This helps it spread around the world better. Imagine a speck of salt or pepper getting stuck to your hand. This is how a virus sticks to skin, only it sticks much better. Once a virus gets from the hand to the mouth, nose or eyes, it will start to replicate and try to take over the human body. The virus has its DNA enclosed within a layer of fat. The virus’s main mission in life is to inject this DNA inside someone, and then slowly destroy them from the inside out.

There are two generally accepted substances that destroy virus particles on contact. Soap and alcohol. Soap and alcohol will both dig into the fatty layer of the virus particle and break it apart into little pieces. After the virus particle is broken into pieces, they are easily rinsed away down the drain, never to be seen again.

The important thing is to sanitize all surfaces and keep the skin clean, especially the hands. This will prevent viruses from spreading around. Ramey Martin has come up with an invention that will help people keep their hands sanitized and free of viruses. This invention has been dubbed the FAST Hand Sanitizer™. The next part of this series will describe this invention in greater detail. If you want to see the new oilfield tough dispenser we made, there are pictures and additional details on Amazon by clicking on this link here:

FAST Hand Sanitizer on Amazon