10 Year Challenge

This year marks the tenth year Ramey Martin Energy Tools has been in operation.


Ramey Martin started business operations in August from a 288 sq. foot portable building in the Broussard, LA, by purchasing and reselling tools and parts.


January marked a major change for Ramey Martin. The business moved to a 5,000 sq. foot facility in Youngsville, LA. By this time, not only was Ramey Martin buying and reselling tools and parts, but expanded to manufacturing Rubber Stabbing Guides, Safety Makeup Stands, and Slip Lifting Devices (SLD).


Ramey Martin continued to expand, this time to New Iberia, LA. In February, the business moved into and shared a 14,000 sq. foot facility. This building was located off of Highway 90. This was also the year Ramey Martin introduced their own line of the following products.

  • Type C and Type T Safety Clamps
  • 4 1/2” DU Long Rotary Slip
  • 4 1/2” Type B Rotary Slip
  • 4 1/2″ – 5 3/4″ Type A Drill Collar Slip


A milestone was reached in April as Ramey Martin made their permanent home in a 10,500 sq. foot facility in New Iberia, LA. In October of the same year, they added on a 6,000 sq. foot production facility.


Adjustments were made while facing challenges with the downturn in the oilfield industry.  Ramey Martin spent most of the next couple of years developing new products in preparation for an industry comeback.


Ramey Martin expanded again in July to add on a 6,000 sq. foot machine shop.  This addition not only reduces lead times and increases production, but also provides extensive quality control over manufacturing processes.  In turn, it’s a win-win situation between Ramey Martin and its customers.

All of this happened within a span of 10 years. From starting out in 288 sq. foot portable building to expanding to 22,500 total sq. feet, Ramey Martin Energy Tools has shown immense growth and looks forward to the next 10 years.

Below is a list of products RMET currently produces. We also offer a wide variety of dies and inserts as well as Single Joint, G-Series, Y-Series, and SLX type elevators.

  • Type C-1 and Type “A”
    Drill Collar
  • DCS-S, DCS-R, &
    DCS-L Drill Collar Slips
  • DU, SD, Type “B” and
    “XL” rotary slips
  • API Bowl
  • TS-100 Bowl and Slips
  • K-25 & K-30 Tongs
  • #1, #2, and #3 Insert
    Bowls including 2 and 4 hook lifting slings
  • Heavy Duty and Casing
    Stabbing Guides
  • False Rotary

As a premier supplier of energy tools and equipment, Ramey Martin offers a diverse selection of practical and reliable solutions to our clients. We stand behind our products and take pride in the fact that all of them are made right here in the United States. As an API-7K / API-Q1 certified company, we specialize in manufacturing drill pipe handling equipment, parts, and suppliers.