Type C Safety Clamp

The RMET Type C Safety Clamp is one of the most valuable tools on the rig floor.  The Safety Clamp consist of individual links, flexibly hinged together.  Each link has a separate tapered slip with a spring loaded insert.  The link acts like a gripping member similar to a tapered rotary slip.  When tightened, each link applies an initial firm grip on the surface of the tubular.  Should the pipe start to fall or a load increase occurs against the slip, the tapered inserts wedge tighter against the pipe to prevent further movement.

RMET offers  a wide variety of Type C Safety Clamps designed to fit tubulars up to 43 inches.  Gripping pressure remains uniform around the pipe, therefore, reducing the likelihood of crushing thin-walled pipe or damaging their surfaces.

Each Type C Safety Clamp link assembly is interchangeable as a unit, thus making the safety clamp readily adaptable to virtually any diameter.  Each link added to the clamp changes the effective working range diameter by approximately 1 inch.  The Safety Clamp is made from heat-treated alloy steel for strength and gripping ability.

All Type C Safety Clamps come compete with nut and wrench.  Available storage box sold separately.

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